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About Us

Intelligent Tech Recruitment

It's not just what you do. But how you do it.

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    Emotional Intelligence

    We never forget recruitment is about people, their aspirations and their lives. And if we don’t believe we can help you, we won’t waste your time.

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    Industry Intelligence

    We maintain a detailed understanding of developments in tech and stay connected to the best software engineers in the industry

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    Commercial Intelligence

    We undertake a diligent, forensic approach to ensure we understand what employers need, what they can offer and match that to the skills, experience and ambition of candidates.

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    Creative Intelligence

    If your brief can be solved, we’ll find a way to solve it

Fall back in love with recruiting tech talent!

It’s true to say that some recruitment agencies have become too focused on irrelevant targets; the number of CVs they’ve sent to employers is meaningless if they don't lead to identifying the right talent for the job – and that inevitably leads to frustration for both employer and candidate alike.

At Ventellect, we employ a more intelligent approach to the recruitment of Tech talent. Firstly, it’s all we do, so we know the sector inside and out. And second, we prioritise quality over quantity – redefining how we find the perfect candidates for interview.

Instead of looking at the numbers, we spend time learning about your company culture, working environment and career opportunities. Plus, we’ve developed and nurtured our own Software Engineering Talent community; understating candidate skills, professional ambitions and their lifestyle expectations; adding value and building trust so that when they’re in the market for a move, they come to us first.

It’s a more human, more diligent approach that means we can be 100% confident we’re recommending the right individuals for interview – and it benefits everyone; employers waste less time reviewing applications and interviewing the wrong people, candidates are more excited and motivated to accept your offer.

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Building diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Tech is a place for everyone.

At Ventellect, we want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance in the tech industry. We work hard to find jobs for people who might be overlooked. We don't know everything, but we're always trying to learn more, and headhunt in places of underrepresented Groups. We talk to people who are experts in making sure everyone is treated fairly, and had some conversations with DE&I experts on our podcast which have been game changing for us.

Our goal is to help build workplaces where everyone feels welcome, no matter who they are.