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  • Engineering Manager
    Engineering Manager

    Shyam Bhat, eBay Classifieds Group

    Has a fantastic network of great engineering talent and great employers in Berlin to help them find their perfect workplace. I first met him when he invited me as a guest on his podcast, where I absolutely enjoyed how well he hosted it. We then took help from Ventellect - Alex’s company, to find experienced engineers for our team and were pleasantly surprised at the stream of great candidates that were coming our way, in an otherwise challenging market. He also seemed to have a good rapport with the candidates from what they mentioned in the interviews. We went on to fill two open positions that were open for months. It was a pleasure working with Alex and I look forward to continue working with him.

  • Director of Engineering
    Director of Engineering

    Patrick Wright, Raisin

    I've had the great pleasure to work with Alex for over half a year now, during which time he supported me in building out a new team and building up a couple more. We ended up hiring for multiple senior engineer roles, an engineering lead role, and as a bonus, a staff engineer as well. Alex's strong network within the industry really paid off, and I was regularly impressed by the strength of the applicants he introduced to us. Alex's empathy towards the applicants, and his natural interest in finding the best fit for their skills and interests, was incredibly useful during the process as well, as he was able to advise us on how best to approach and work with each individual on their own terms. I'm looking forward to more great work together.

  • Tech Talent Acquisition Lead
    Tech Talent Acquisition Lead

    Alex Usmanov, JustWatch

    Alex covered the tech talent acquisition gap that formed as we were building the team at JustWatch. He quickly hit the ground running, took full responsibility for most of the tech roles, ensured the recruitment process is running smoothly and closed a few of those in a short period of time. I recommend working with Alex when you need to bridge the gap in your talent acquisition function, he will definitely take some pressure off.

  • Tech Recruiting Lead
    Tech Recruiting Lead

    Anna Godek, SumUp

    Supported us in finding and placing Senior Software & Mobile Engineers into our Engineering Teams and worked closely with our Tech TA team at SumUp to provide right candidates for our high priority roles for several months. Alex quickly understood our needs, took full responsibility for the roles and connected us with strong candidates shortly after. He ensured the recruitment process was running smoothly and provided us with regular updates on an ongoing basis. During this time I was impressed by Alex’s focus on quality over quantity as well as his great network of Software Engineers in Berlin he has built over the years. It was always a pleasure to work with Alex and I’m looking forward to working together with him in the future.​

  • Lead Software Architect
    Lead Software Architect

    Bishoy Awad, SAP

    ​Alex is a very professional tech recruiter, he is always active and up-to-date with the market.Thanks to him, he helped me get a Job at SAP. I would always recommend him to search for new jobs !

  • Tech Talent Acquisition Lead
    Tech Talent Acquisition Lead

    Nataliya Holubkova, Adevinta

    Ventellect is definitely one of those recruiting agencies you should put your trust in.