Ventellect turns 3

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Ventellect turns 3

Posted on 26 July 2023

​A few weeks ago Ventellect celebrated it's 3rd birthday. And it is fair to say a lot has happened since I started things in the depths of Covid back in 2020.

It was just me at home and a laptop. No one was really hiring, but I figured if I start now then at least things cannot get worse. In fact they got a lot better.

Over the last years Ventellect has partnered with some big beasts of the Tech world supporting them scale their teams - this has been a priviliage that some of the biggest and best trusted us even in our infancy. These partnerships have allowed us to know move on to our next phase - we recently moved into our new office in our London HQ, and are set to welcome some new people to the team over the next few months.

You can never predict the future, but what I do know is here at Ventellect we will work tirelessy to deliver top tech talent to our clients and give value whereever we can.

I know for many Tech it has been a rough year. Here at Ventellect we had to make adjustments too. But I think the future is very bright - and excited to see where the Tech space goes in the next few years.

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